Graphic Design Rates

Graphic design rates vary based on a number of considerations, including job complexity, the designer’s experience level, location, demand, etc. Some designers price per project, while others price by the hour and still others use a combination of the two. I have found that an hourly rate works best for me, because I can accurately estimate the time to complete a project, and then I can track my time spent to keep things within budget. In all cases, though, I will provide an official estimate upfront, prior to starting any work, so that you know what to expect and so that there will be no surprises.

I offer three hourly rates, based on the type of customer: new/infrequent, preferred and non-profit. See the charts below for details.

PDF Icon - Rate Card - BJS Design StudioNot sure how long your project will take or what it will cost? My rate card includes sample hours and costs for a variety of projects. Download it here.

Note: all rates are during normal business hours (Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM) only. Work outside of normal business hours will be billed as a rush (2x your hourly rate).

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Hourly Rates (1 hr. min.)

Low rate for special causes
For charities/fundraisers only
Lowest hourly rate for worthwhile causes!
Rush service available at $100/hour
(2x hourly rate)
New Client
Standard package
For first-time or infrequent customers
Standard rate
Rush service available at $250/hour
(2x hourly rate)
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