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Graphic Design Rates & Packages

Graphic design rates can vary based on a number of considerations, including job complexity, the designer’s experience level, location, demand, etc. They also need to factor in annual overhead and general operational costs, such as the designer’s desired salary, rent, advertising/promotion, monthly cloud software subscriptions, professional membership dues, taxes and more. All of these, together, help determine what a designer needs to be able to pull in, financially, on a monthly basis. From there, it is up to the designer as to whether to charge a flat, per-project fee or an hourly rate.

I offer two types of pricing strategies, to accommodate a number of scenarios and customers:

  1. An hourly rate for small, individual or infrequent projects, or
  2. Tiered monthly packages for ongoing work and companies who are serious about their marketing efforts.*

Choose the option that works best for you!

Note: all rates are during normal business hours (Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM) only. Work outside of normal business hours will be billed as a rush (2x standard rate).

* Don’t see a tiered monthly plan that fits your budget? Call or email me and I can customize one for you. For example, if you have just a $500/month budget, I can set up a small plan with 5–7 hours a month (you’ll see a tiny break in the hourly rate at maximum time commitment, but the bigger breaks are reserved for the larger packages).

Learn more about graphic design pricing strategies

Hourly Rates (1 hr. min.)

Low rate for special causes
For charities/fundraisers only
Lowest hourly rate for worthwhile causes!
Rush service available at $100/hour
(2x hourly rate)
New Client
Standard package
For first-time or infrequent customers
Standard rate
Rush service available at $250/hour
(2x hourly rate)

Tiered Monthly Packages

A low-cost monthly plan
Best for clients with time and budget restraints.
10–20 hours/month
As low as $50/hour with maximum time commitment
Standard turnaround: minimum 24 hours (rush turnaround extra: $200/hour)
A plan for growers
Best for on-the-move clients with a moderate amount of continual work and occasional rush projects.
30–60 hours/month
As low as $50/hour with maximum time commitment
PLUS an additional 5 bonus hours of rush turnaround at no charge!
(A $1,000 VALUE!)
BJS Design Studio

Interested in an hourly or tiered plan?


Don’t see a plan to match your time/cost budget? Call me and I’ll work to create a custom option just for you!