Logo design is one of the best investments you can make for your company.

A bold statement, sure. But let’s dig deeper. Why is logo design one of the best investments you can make?

  1. It’s the “face” of your company. This is what you show to people on everything you do. It’s on print materials such as (but not limited to) business cards, posters, magazine/newspaper ads, mailers, trade show displays, and vehicle graphics/wraps. You use it on web/on-screen media like your website, Google display ads and PowerPoint presentations.
  2. It’s part of, and contributes to, your overall branding. What sort of company image/feeling to you want to present? Do you want to seem premium/professional? Or, are you more young/hip/casual/fun? Is your business technical in nature or is it more simple/down-to-earth? What does your business do? Are you a health care provider, a financial institution, a restaurant or a video game manufacturer? Every business is different. You want to convey the correct look and feel in your logo, and then carry that through to your branding.
  3. It’s long-term; it should stand the test of time and last quite a while. When designing your logo, you want to take into consideration how it will look years from now. Tastes change and technology advances. If you tie yourself down to a certain typeface, for example, you may find yourself revisiting it sooner than you thought.

But, what, exactly, is a logo? And, what isn’t it?

Put simply, a logo is a representative mark of your company/brand. It can be a unique icon, it can be stylized text, or it can be a combination of the two. Whatever you decide to use, it should be memorable and stick with people. It should also follow the old rule: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). The reason for this is that your logo will be displayed at a number of sizes/resolutions. Sometimes it will be small (i.e., business cards) or super tiny (think promo items, like pens, and Google display ads). It needs to hold up well and be readable/recognizable at those small sizes.

Your logo also should be created as a scalable vector graphic, so that it prints well at large sizes, too. Scaling up a raster image format, such as JPG or PNG, results in image degradation, including artifacts and pixelation. A vector graphic, on the other hand, is made of solid shapes, not pixels. Because of this, your logo will print beautifully at any size. You can create web versions of your logo from the vector version, but not the other way around. For this reason more than any other, your logo needs to be vector from the get-go.

So, I’ve talked about what a logo is, but what about what it isn’t? Well, for one, a logo should not be a photo. This goes back to a logo needing to be scalable. Photos are raster images and only look good up to a certain size, as supported by their resolution. They are not scalable beyond that without degradation. A logo also is not a complex illustration, such as a large T-shirt design or mural. These are too complex/involved and will not be recognizable at small sizes.

Final words…

All that being said, there is a lot that goes into a good logo design, from research to brainstorming and sketching, to digital comps, to color exploration, to edits and finalization. At BJS Design Studio, I will help you create a logo that matches your company’s style and personality. Then, we can get started on the rest of your branding. 😉

Check out some of my logo designs below.

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