Project Description

Project Description:

Branding Concept—Duke TIP Rebrand

In 2009, while at Azalea Graphics, I worked briefly on a new branding project for Duke Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP). The goal was to help them attract new clients (students and their parents). I approached the project more “progressively,” by using their existing logo and secondary brand/department colors. My intent was to keep a level of familiarity as well as to keep overall costs lower than a total redo. I maintained some previous elements in order to promote consistency and recognition, while creating new, adaptive elements that could be used in a variety of ways across different layouts and projects, to add some visual flair.

Shown here:

  • Pages from the branded Style Guide design concept
  • Website design
  • Summer Studies catalog cover
  • PowerPoint presentation (title and secondary slide)

Duke TIP Branding - Print Portfolio - BJS Design Studio

Services/Skills Provided

  • Brainstorming/concepting

  • Design & Layout

  • Branding