Project Description

Project Description:
The Legend of Greywinds E-Commerce Website

In my later days at Azalea Graphics, I worked with author Annie Morecambe on a redesign of her e-commerce website for her series, The Legend of Grewyinds. The new site is super colorful, to appeal to “tween” girls (just like her books). It’s also a direct purchase point for Annie’s books and other merchandise, and serves as a blog. Here, fans can communicate with the author, learn about upcoming events, and be inspired through tales of Annie’s adventures as both a writer and an entrepreneur.

In order to accomplish all of this, I designed her website around a paid WordPress theme with WooCommerce, the #1 WordPress e-commerce website solution, built in. By using a theme with a storefront already assembled/included, we could focus on simply adding products and plugging along. The added benefit of going the WordPress route is that it is first and foremost a blog environment. Because of this, Annie has the freedom to add new topics/posts, herself, anytime she likes.

After Annie approved the final theme for the project, I changed the color scheme and adjusted the layout. I then created/added custom elements, such as logos and other graphics.

Additional niceties include an inventory tracking plug-in, which sends out notifications when inventory levels start to dwindle.

NOTE: I recently discovered that Annie has redone her e-commerce website since I last worked on it, so it no longer matches what you see here in my portfolio. Apologies for any confusion! You’re welcome to view my previous screenshots, however.

Services/Skills Provided

  • Web Design & Layout (WordPress)

  • Photo Editing

  • Illustration (Sword of Dryn)

  • E-Commerce Solution (WooCommerce)