Project Description

Project Description:
Logo Design Refresh | First Capital Bank

I recently had the opportunity to work on a logo design refresh for First Capital Bank, by way of one of my other clients—Caddell Communications, a communications firm specializing in marketing for the financial industry. While not a complete redesign, which I feel that they need, it’s a decent example of a temporary update. (I had done some completely new logo design concepts until I discovered they didn’t want to veer that far from their old design.) FCB had just recently undergone new management changes and relocated their headquarters to Charleston, South Carolina. With that, it was time to help make their dated, low-quality logo look/work better across various media (from print to web) without deviating entirely from their recognized cupola icon.

We simplified and cleaned up their icon, typeset their font and applied the color scheme chosen by the client. Between March and April of 2018, and over two separate projects/invoices, it took approximately 12.5 working hours. We then applied it to a plethora of new print and web materials (priced separately from the logo), including magazine ads, signs, business stationery (letterhead and #10 envelope), business cards, email signatures, name tags, an invitation, and a mobile banking app icon and launch page.

I had also proposed a few website design options, but FCB ultimately took a different route.

Soon after the above projects were complete, however, this client was let go. Lack of creative flexibility and appropriate timelines/budgeting caused too many headaches. Best of luck to them. I include their logo design here, however, as an example of a refresh/redesign and what goes into it. That way, others who may be considering a similar project can plan their time/budget accordingly.

FCB Logo - Before - Logo Design | Portfolio - BJS Design StudioFCB Logo - After - Logo Design - Portfolio - BJS Design Studio

Preliminary Comps—Complete Redesign

In the beginning, I thought they were looking for a complete redesign (which they need, in my opinion). My early logo design comps reflected this. I really liked how Concept #2 (the “blue sky” version) was looking. This was a stylized version of their cupola, which just happened to have a natural “fi” shape on the left. I emphasized this by showcasing the left side of the cupola through a sort of “window.” Finally, I completed the design by placing it against a sky blue background, signifying the bright times ahead.

Secondary Comps—Refresh Only

I soon learned, however, that what the client actually wanted was to stick more closely to their original cupola design. Since the original design presented issues due to its complex, detailed CAD nature, I provided a simplified version:

First Capital Bank Logo Design Refresh Start - Black Only - BJS Design Studio

This version used the same exact font from their original logo, streamlined the cupola, and removed the tiny weather vane.

Next, Caddell Communications did some color exploration on their end, and found the following image via Google search (I believe it’s a Duron paint collection, now part of Sherwin-Williams):

Colors of Historic Charleston

Colors of Historic Charleston, as posted by user RRB on the “Our Southern Home” blog

We then applied nine (9) different color selections from the above to the latest logo comp (with minor modifications).

FCB Logo Design Refresh Color Exploration - Charleston - BJS Design Studio

The “Buttered Rum” color was a favorite of Caddell Communications, my direct client.

First Capital Bank really liked the Reflex Blue version, however. So, although we voiced our concerns regarding the CMYK equivalent looking quite different, we delivered the final version as requested:

First Capital Bank Logo Design Refresh Final 1- and-2-Color Variations - BJS Design Studio

The final version of the First Capital Bank logo design refresh, in 1- and 2-color variations.

A Few Additional Projects — Print Ads, Mobile Banking App Icons & Website Home Page Concept

During the design of their new print ads, First Capital Bank requested that we add their slogan, “We Get It!” (This seemed to come suddenly and out of nowhere, because we had not discussed a slogan or tagline, to-date. Not only that, but the slogan just seemed random, and not a good fit for their brand. What is it that they get? I ended up just doing what was asked, to finish up the final projects before this client was dropped.)

Services/Skills Provided

  • Logo Design Refresh

Approximate Package Value: $1,250

  • Vector Illustration

  • Color Exploration & Application

  • Typesetting

  • Horizontal/Vertical Orientations

  • Print/Web File Formats