Project Description

Project Description:
North State Bancorp 2018 Annual Report

The latest annual report for North State Bancorp, the parent company of North State Bank, is complete! The 2018 version was a budget-friendly design* created in collaboration with my client, Caddell Communications. So, how did we achieve this frugal* option? Let’s look at the two main variables:

  1. No story/theme this year:
    By not developing a theme, there was no need for North State Bank (NSB) to spend time/money on having a featured article written. There was also no reason to invest in additional, outside photography to support a theme, since none was developed. We were able to use existing photography that NSB had done. Since there was no theme this year, there was also no reason to do a complete redesign to support the theme.
  2. Reuse last year’s report as a basis/style template (typography):
    We simply reused the “guts” of the 2017 annual report as a style template for the overall body copy and other text treatments. The first thing I did when preparing the 2018 version was to strip out all of the design/theme elements from the previous year’s report, leaving just the text/financial data in place. I then simply swapped out the old text with the new. Doing this reduced the overall design time, since I didn’t need to develop a new design aesthetic this year. I simply added a few new elements (angled shapes, etc.) here and there to bring in some “energy”/visual interest.

*Frugal/budget-friendly, in this case, refers to just the design portion of this project. The client opted to print with metallic ink, which adds to print costs, but also “dresses up”/enhances the final report. So, while final costs could have been lower with simple 4-color digital printing, opting for a metallic ink is a great, simple way to achieve a high-end look with little to no extra design time.

Print specs:

  • 16 pages (80-lb. text) + 4-page cover (80-lb. cover weight)
  • 8.5″x11″
  • 4-color process + spot metallic gold (Pantone 872 C)

Services/Skills Provided

  • Design & Layout

  • Minor Photo Editing