Project Description

Project Description:
Patient Guide, Duke Raleigh Hospital

One of my last projects at Azalea Graphics, I created this Patient Guide for Duke Raleigh Hospital, by following closely existing Duke branding guidelines, including brand assets available for download. Therefore, it falls under the category of overflow assistance. The guide is a take-home item given to patients by their health care provider and explains what to expect during their time at Duke Raleigh Hospital.

  • 12 pages (8-page interior + 4-page cover w/ inside back pocket)
  • 9″x12″
  • 4-color process
  • Custom dieline created

Patient Guide Contents/Features:

  • Welcome
  • Making Your Stay Comfortable
  • Who’s Who at Duke Raleigh
  • Identifying Your Health Care Team at a Glance
  • Partnering for Your Safety
  • Helpful Tips for Visitors
  • Questions to Ask Your Health Care Provider (a blank page to write your own questions down)
  • An inside back cover pocket designed to hold additional info sheets as well as their health care provider’s business card (via die-cut slits)

This project easily met the client’s expectations, and there were zero issues with their brand managers, who approved the overall aesthetics after my first comp (there were a number of revisions to be made, in terms of which article/section should go where, but nothing in regards to the look and feel).

Have a project you need designed ASAP, but your designer of record is swamped? I’m here to help. I am a huge nit-picker and will research your brand style guide and create a finished design/layout that matches “to a T.”

Services/Skills Provided

  • Design & Layout

  • Vector Illustration Editing

  • Stock Photo Search

  • Overflow Assistance