Project Description

Project Description:
Responsive Website Design—Zurbuch Construction

Zurbuch Construction previously had just a single “splash page” website that was in desperate need of a redesign. They asked if I could make their website look and work better. And, more specifically, better than some of their competitors’ sites. I suggested WordPress, for ease of content creation and maintenance (even by the client, in some cases). They decided to go with one of my favorite paid themes, which comes with several awesome starting skins. It is also a pleasure to work with and is compatible with many plug-ins that are highly rated and recommended.

To better support their website, with its high-quality project photos, I helped them upgrade their Web hosting plan. Their new performance plan is engineered specifically for WordPress websites and delivers the speed boost and resources they need.

I also introduced them to a client of mine—a copywriter with whom I’ve been working for years. She helped develop the story by rewording the text provided by Zurbuch Construction into meaningful, grammatically correct content.

Most recently, I improved page speed scores (see below) through image optimization, caching and minification, and just fewer bandwidth-hogging bells and whistles (layer sliders, videos, etc.).

Ultimately, Zurbuch Construction turned down SEO services, choosing instead to remain more locally-driven/focused (read: smaller, more word-of-mouth).

Status: Complete!

*** 2019 Update ***

Since the completion of this responsive website, I have partnered up with a local digital marketing group. They offer, among other things, various SEO services, including a “Local SEO” package and customer review campaigns. I would love to implement these options for Zurbuch Construction in the near future, and have reached out to them in that regard.

Google PageSpeed Insights

View the latest GTMetrix report yourself. Then, contact me if you need help speeding up your website. I’d be happy to take a look and offer tips and suggestions.

NOTE: speed scores are a tad lower than before due to the addition of the new Google reCAPTCHA v3. All Google APIs get flagged by GTMetrix as needing to be optimized further (i.e. adding expires headers, etc.), but you just don’t have as much control over 3rd-party elements. You could serve them from your own site, but that can cause its own problems, so many people suggest that it’s not worth worrying about. So, the more Google APIs (reCAPTCHA, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps, Google Analytics, YouTube videos, etc.) you add, the more your page speed scores may drop. For this reason, page speed scores should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Percentage Complete: 100%

Services/Skills Provided

  • Web Design & Layout (WordPress)

  • Photo Editing

  • Page Speed Optimizations