Print Design

Yep, print design—design for, you know, that media that’s been around longer than the Web.

You see it every day and might not think much about it. From little things like promotional items (pens, pads of paper and other giveaways), to large items (posters, billboards, trade show displays, vehicle wraps), to everything in between (ads, brochures, packaging, T-shirts), print design has a long-standing role in society. Even in these more online/connected times, it has its place. Print design entices, informs, notifies and invites. It also holds cereal and other snacks in well-designed containers. 😉

(“OK, great, but how much does it cost?” you may ask. To find out, just head on over to my pricing page. There, you can see my hourly rates and download a rate card with general times/rough prices for a variety of projects. These will give you a starting point for budgeting, but should not be used as official quotes/estimates. After we chat about your project, so I can learn all the details about it, I’ll send an estimate custom tailored for your needs.)

BJS Design Studio

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