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Marketing that goes where people go.

Search. Watch. Buy. Like. The Web is an online hub of activity, from listening to learning, shopping to social media. And, it all goes where we do. Due to the popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, the Web is the most readily-available, at-hand form of communication, which makes it a great platform for your company’s marketing and advertising. I provide a range of Web design services and can help you reach more people. Contact me for:

  • Website graphics (branded elements for your business site, such as buttons, banner ads, slider images, background graphics and custom design elements)
  • Social media visuals (ads, cover photos, profile pics, image posts, etc., for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more)
  • Full website design and maintenance (WordPress or custom packages)
  • HTML email marketing campaigns—invitations, newsletters, email blasts (custom or template-based options that you can update yourself, using services like MailChimp®, Constant Contact®, iContact, etc.)
  • NEW! “Measurable marketing”—grow your company and see how you’re doing with business listings, customer review campaigns, Google Analytics, Google AdWords text and/or display ads, Google AdWords account management, website/SEO audits and more.

(“OK, great, but how much does it cost?” you may ask. To find out, just head on over to my pricing page. There, you can see my hourly rates and download a rate card with general times/rough prices for a variety of projects. These will give you a starting point for budgeting, but should not be used as official quotes/estimates. After we chat about your project, so I can learn all the details about it, I’ll send an estimate custom tailored for your needs.)

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